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#WeAreHealthcare Connecting with Referral Partners for Better Patient Outcomes

www.aha.orgsitesdefaultfiles2023-03AHA-we-are-hospitals-logo-2023May 7-13, 2023 is National Hospital Week. The American Hospital Association uses this week to highlight hospitals, health systems and health care workers and the innovative ways they are supporting and connected to their community. National Hospital Week reminds us and the Pharmacy Community to consider ways to strengthen relationships and demonstrate commitment to patient compliance and care.  

We are Partnering for Better Patient Compliance

In healthcare, things can fall through the cracks. Especially following discharge from in-patient care, it is critical for pharmacies to ensure that your team gives extra attention to the needs of patients to ensure the best possible health outcomes. 

Why our Support Matters to Referral Partners:

  • When your pharmacy is consistent with patient care, referral partners see the difference between your store and other pharmacies. 
  • Social workers will prefer to work with you when they know they can count on you to support their patient’s medication compliance and adherence. 
  • Hospital and Healthcare Systems are incentivized to achieve better patient outcomes and reduce recidivism. 
  • Your team is the critical link in the chain to extend the quality of care for patients after a hospital stay. 

What to do to Support your Referral Partners: 

Use this week to remind your team members to be extra aware of patients being discharged from the hospital:

  • Stay in close contact with discharge teams and social workers to confirm medications, recommended OTC items, and outpatient screenings. 
  • Follow up with the patients and caregivers to counsel and ensure medication adherence. 
  • Utilize digital communications with all parties in the care chain such as SMS/MMS, email and voice messages to reinforce adherence and compliance. 
  • Sync patient medications and offer delivery to simplify refills and add convenience, supporting patient compliance while building connections and loyalty.  
  • Offer patient screenings such as fall-risk and mental health. Let your partners know your pharmacy offers these services that can reduce unnecessary readmissions. 
  • Document and update patient records, notes and instructions. Set up reminders for medication adherence counseling and follow ups. 
  • Access the #wearehealthcare toolkit for downloads to help you spread the word to your community about your support of your community healthcare systems. 

#Wearehealthcare and we are all critical links in the chain of care. When we work together, we all get stronger. At Pharmacy Marketplace, we proudly help pharmacies function at their highest level. Count on us to help you be the strongest pharmacy you can be today.  Join us in connecting with and strengthening our role in the healthcare community.

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