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Make the Most of Your Time at Trade Shows

It is tradeshow season. Many independent pharmacy owners and suppliers travel to tradeshows to take advantage of learning and networking opportunities. At Pharmacy Marketplace, we aim to help you shop smarter and make the most of every dollar you spend, including your time at shows and events. It can be challenging to make the time to be away from your store. Use our "Top Dos and Don'ts" list to make the most of your time at trade shows and industry events. 

Do: Network with other owners and supplies
Whatever challenges you have been facing, your fellow owners can relate. Time together solidifies stronger relationships with pharmacists facing the same challenges as you. It can be reassuring to learn from and with store owners to solve problems and innovate to find solutions.  

Do: Become an Informed Owner
It benefits your team, store, and patients when you are aware of macro-level trends of changes in the industry and learn what you can do to fortify your business. Give your store the best opportunity to make trends and change work for your pharmacy. 

Do: Take Advantage of Show Sales and Specials 
Your tradeshow attendance can mean you are eligible for unique opportunities to save. Take full advantage of any rebate and deals from your vendors at each tradeshow. For example, we offer our Scratch & WIN promotion at McKesson ideaShare 2023, encouraging attendees to "Stop Gambling with Your Store's Compliance." 

Don't: Have Show Amnesia
It is easy to fall back into the same pre-show habits once you are back behind the counter. Jot down a few notes at the end of each day. Put a few reminders in your phone or calendar to follow up on your action items from the show. Debrief with your team and make plans to keep the benefits of your trip flowing in all directions through your store. 

We look forward to seeing you on the road and welcome the opportunity to learn more about your store. Visit our News & Events page to stay updated on where you can find us. Safe travels.