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Stop Gambling with Your Store's Compliance

Finding a great deal on medications can feel like a big win. However, drug purchasing is a longer tale, and the wrong great deal can hurt more than help your independent pharmacy in the long run. 

Our team has studied wholesaler drug purchasing to enable you to stop gambling with your store's compliance with your primary wholesaler agreement. Our members are experiencing such positive results with their compliance and rebates; we know it is a BIG WIN for independent pharmacies and wholesalers. 

We are sharing the benefits of buying with Pharmacy Marketplace at McKesson ideaShare 2023, June 22-25, 2023, in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are giving away $10K in CASH and subscriptions at the show. Play our Scratch & WIN game, where every postcard is a winner. Bring your postcard to booth #400 or #920 to learn what you have won. 

Scratch and Win 

Make time to learn how Pharmacy Marketplace works while you are at ideaShare 2023. Schedule 15 minutes with us here. 

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