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In 1985, the science fiction movie Back To The Future was released. The character Emmett 'Doc' Brown invents time travel with the discovery of the flux capacitor. Doc's time machine, in DeLorean form, is powered by plutonium and trouble

maxresdefaultmaxresdefaultWhy bring up sci-fi movies? Because the explanation of the "science" behind Doc's discovery of time travel is about as easy to understand as drug purchasing, wholesaler compliance, and rebates.  

At least once, most of our independent pharmacy owners thought they were compliant with their primary wholesaler purchasing agreement at the end of the month. Only two to three months later, they notice one of their largest bank deposits is minuscule from previous months because their rebate has cut in half. Falling out of compliance is a silent killer and it blindsides pharmacies with an unexpected hit. Making your compliance tiers can be the difference in you opening or closing your pharmacy doors for good.

You Can't Go Back In Time, But You Can Take Control of Your Store's Future 

While we can not change the past in the real world, we can help ensure a more compliant and profitable future for your store. My artificial intelligence allows me to analyze your purchasing and dispensing data, and makes order recommendations to help you reach the maximum rebate tier possible.

Just like sitting in the front seat of the fictional DeLorean, Pharmacy Marketplace Time_Circuits_BTTFand Athena (that's me) looks at your past, present and future drug purchasing and predicted dispensing all at once. By taking our recommendations to your next purchase from your primary wholesaler, you can count on the highest rebate possible for your store. 

The Science Behind Primary Wholesaler Agreements 

Specified in your primary wholesaler agreement, the formula that figures into your drug purchasing and rebate rewards is based on:

  1. Your store's generic products purchase volume (GPR)
  2. Your store's purchasing compliance ratio (GCR) with your agreement 

Your store's compliance ratio then determines your rebate percentage tier. The wholesaler looks at your purchases and dispensing. A product purchased from a different wholesaler is assigned a price based on a complex formula that can negatively impact your purchasing compliance with your primary wholesaler agreement. Along with processing returns and dispensing data, there is a one to two month lag in processing purchases to dispensing and compliance to rebate. Store's can think they are in compliance only to learn they are not and have missed the projected rebate.  

Most independent pharmacies need every dollar they can get via their primary wholesaler rebate, that is where my team and I come in.  We recommend you do not gamble with your compliance. Our experts review your primary wholesaler agreement and help you develop shopping habits that are based on the numbers from your agreement that you need to hit to get to your next rebate tier. You will get recommendations on how to adjust your purchasing each month to get the most from your primary and secondary purchasing. When you implement our recommendations, the future of your rebate and your store's profitability is more certain, no plutonium required. 

Make time to see how Pharmacy Marketplace Compliance Counseling works. Coming soon to McKesson ideashare 2023 June 22-24, Las Vegas Nevada.    


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