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  • What is Pharmacy Marketplace? 

    Pharmacy Marketplace is an all-in-one online marketplace for pharmacies and pharmaceutical purchasers to easily access pricing and purchase across multiple wholesalers. Shop and place immediate orders from multiple secondary wholesaler catalogs in one, simple marketplace. On top of getting access to group savings on your purchases, our team protects and ensures your order through to delivery.  Membership is free and no contracts are required to join. Join in 15-20 minutes. We hope you shop and use the marketplace for the benefit of your store. 

    In addition to our integrated marketplace and pricing benefits, our reactive A.I. modules, we call Athena, make millions of real-time calculations for more informed purchasing as it relates to your total business.  Our data experts are available to provide compliance counseling at any time to help you make the most of the marketplace and Athena's data analytics. 

  • What wholesalers do you work with? 

    Pharmacy Marketplace gives you access to shop secondary wholesaler catalogs in comparison to your primary wholesaler in one platform. 

  • What are the membership terms or contracts?

    No, there are not contracts or committment terms. You can use the marketplace to get better pricing across your primary and secondary wholesalers. On average, our members save $1 for every $1 they spend purchasing through Pharmacy Marketplace. If you decide you do not want to continue to use the marketplace, you are not committed or under contract to continue your membership. 

  • Where do I remit payment? 

    You will continue to pay your wholesaler suppliers directly. Our platform allows you to compare, shop, and order across wholesalers at up to 60% savings.  

  • How complex is the onboarding process?

    It takes under 20 minutes for most members to complete the digital set up process. Most new users benefit for a short training session to make the most of the marketplace.  We are here to provide training for new associates and compliance counseling on an on-going basis. 

  • What happens to my orders? 

    Once you submit an order, both Pharmacy Marketplace and the wholesaler with which the order was placed are notified. During their normal business hours, the secondary wholesaler will pack and ship your order. Pharmacy Marketplace monitors orders on a daily basis and acts as an intermediary between you and the wholesaler to ensure your orders are accurate and timely. 

  • How do I become a Marketplace Member?

    Joining Pharmacy Marketplace is easy and free. Click on the “Join Our Marketplace” link in the bottom footer of the website. Schedule a tour of Pharmacy Marketplace on our demo page, or  call 1-800-958-5540.  The process to join the marketplace takes roughly 15-20 minutes to complete. Once you’ve become a member, we are here for training and to help you navigate the marketplace. 

    There is no membership fees or cost to join.  We do not have membership contracts and there are no monthly minimums.

  • What information is collected during registration? 

    Join Pharmacy Marketplace online when you complete our digital forms that request your pharmacy's ownership and accounts payable information, DEA#, State License#, State ID Tax#, Federal Tax# and respective license expiration dates, primary wholesaler, and secondary suppliers account #s, PSOA/buying group, and Pharmacy Management System. Having this information handy when you start the process will help get you to the marketplace even faster. 

  • Is my information secure? 

    Yes, our systems use secure digital transmissions and comply with federal requirements to ensure your data is protected. Security is paramount to us and we have never experienced a data breach. 

  • How do I cancel my membership? 

    Contact our Support Team at

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