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Meet Athena, our intuitive A.I. purchasing assistant designed to analyze the marketplace to meet your pharmacy’s demand

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Pharmacy Drug Purchasing Problems

When you’re deciding what to purchase for your pharmacy, you have a lot of decisions to make:

  • Which wholesaler has the lowest price?
  • What do I purchase and how much do I buy?
  • How do I maintain my primary wholesaler compliance?
  • What are the wholesaler return policies and expiration dates?

Drug prices, product availability and pharmacy needs change daily. It’s too much information for anyone to go through by hand.

Here at Pharmacy Marketplace we’ve lived through this chaotic struggle for the past thirty years. But no more! We created a centralized software platform to simplify our lives by automatically solving all of the challenges above. Now, we’re sharing it with you.

How Does Athena & The Marketplace Work?

Athena is our artificially intelligent purchasing assistant designed to provide purchasing transparency by analyzing your pharmacy’s demand, prices and comparing it to the pharmacy marketplace.

Think of Athena as an employee that never shows up late, she doesn’t complain and she’s always working even while you’re asleep. She spends her time learning about your pharmacy’s specific needs by Analyzing Your Pharmacy Dispensing History. She’ll then review your primary wholesaler catalog for the cheapest purchasing equivalent options and apply your estimated rebate to determine the true replacement cost for each NDC dispensed by your pharmacy.  

Intuitive Purchasing

Once the best price from your primary wholesaler is established, she’ll shop for other purchasing equivalent options from Multiple Secondary Wholesalers of your choosing to determine which wholesaler is the best option to satisfy your historical dispensing needs.

Secondary Minimum Purchasing Requirements are a problem of the pastAs you add product to your cart, Athena will keep a sum total of each order separated by wholesaler and display the minimum purchasing requirements. You’re alerted if an order total has satisfied the wholesaler’s minimums. If your order is below the minimum you can easily filter by the wholesaler offerings ranked by savings to successfully submit an order. 

Filter By Specific Wholesalers and never order random products to hit your secondary purchasing requirements again! Always order intelligently and quickly with Athena’s smart filters to find the most profitable product offered at each wholesaler that matches with your historical dispensing needs.

Purchasing Compliance

Worried about your primary wholesaler purchasing requirements? Each pharmacy has a customizable Budget they can configure to help guide their staff on when to dial back from purchasing too much from other wholesalers. 

We understand you can’t always be at the pharmacy. So take the Pharmacy Marketplace with you on your phone or tablet by downloading our Mobile Application. Now you can access your pharmacy dispensing history and make purchases from anywhere! 

Customizable Alerts are also available. So if Athena finds something worth taking a look at, she’ll send you a text message notifying you of the product and the potential savings. 

With the Pharmacy Marketplace you’ll never miss a chance to save your pharmacy money. She does all of the heavy lifting for you continuously throughout the day so that you can focus on what matters most.

Understand Your Dispensing History

Search All Wholesaler Inventory

Order Minimum Requirements

Robust Shopping Filters

Order Management and Reporting

Native Mobile Apps

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